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Boxing Boxing

Prestige develops our boxers through internal sparring in the gym once a beginner has developed their skills to a decent basic level. This may be followed either by interclub sparring or an amateur match.

Muay Thai Muay Thai

At the most basic stage trainees will begin to learn how to strike with punches and kicks, before adding on the weapons of knees, elbows and clinching techniques.

Kickboxing Kickboxing

Kickboxers training at Prestige begin with the rudiments of boxing. From there they learn how to utilise kicking techniques and become proficient in the use of knees.

Personal Training

Personal training is a central element of Prestige Gym and the shortest route to achieving your fight goals. Our approach is designed to teach proper techniques for use in the ring.

Lastest News

Boxing Cup @ ISCW

Boxing Cup @ ISCW

Prestige Gym’s boxer Giuls put a great fight last Sunday at Italian Sports Club...