Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing

Prestige is unique in its approach to the arts of boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing. With a unified depth of experience combining the techniques of both east & west, head trainer Predrag Galic’s approach is very much a universal one. Having had the opportunity to develop aspects of many styles from particular disciplines, this approach recognises the fact that styles differ not just within one continent, but also within individual countries. While you have different styles from Europe and the United States to Japan and Thailand, you also have different approaches within a single country or region. Having that experience helps you to filter what’s useful, what isn’t, and what can be done better: the ability to merge elements from east and west in a definitive universal style.

Which style should I train in?

Despite clear differences in the rule sets for each, there are central unifying factors to each of these combat sports. We believe that all elements need to be integrated - not simply elements of technique, but of the body in general. The Prestige approach is that if you’re a good boxer there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be a good kickboxer, and vice versa. Techniques may be integrated so that new skills are added on while certain other aspects are modified, resulting in the development of a complementary style. Likewise, if you’re a good kickboxer there’s no reason why you wouldn't be a good Muay Thai fighter.

In our experience, those with a one-dimensional approach and a narrow vision of martial arts are usually coming from a lack of opportunities. Perhaps they have never been in an environment which considers different approaches or gave them the chance to compete in different disciplines. Unfortunately, their lack of appreciation and respect usually stems from the fact that they have no actual knowledge of these sports. This means that they are limited in their scope for development, as this lack of knowledge makes them think and do things differently. Unless there are actual physical problems, there is no reason why someone who is a good boxer cannot be a successful competitor in other disciplines. Of course when fighters reach a higher level, they generally dedicate themselves to one discipline in order to get the maximum benefits. Even so, their style should be integrated - that’s when we get the best results.

What does this mean in practical terms?

With these striking styles we concentrate on integrating all muscles of the body as one. This creates a clear style based on functional movement with all aspects put together in a way where you know where your balance comes from, how your body parts interact, positioning, total awareness of your safety, ability to strike, grip, traction and so on. We believe it is counter-productive to concentrate on just one discipline, as these skills are very transferable and we’re better off discussing the whole picture…there are details which you add or remove to modify that to a specific discipline. That said, many of our fighters compete in just one style, and that’s fine too. Yet with all combat striking styles, these elements are present across the board.