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Melbourne Boxing Gym

Born from a desire to create an authentic fight gym in Melbourne’s CBD, Prestige opened its doors in October 2013. Situated on King Street, two minutes from Southern Cross Station, Prestige is unlike any other city based Melbourne boxing gym. Head trainer Predrag Galic’s intention was to open a training facility orientated towards fighters, but still not neglecting the general public who want to enjoy the sport without having to compete. Specialising in the striking arts of boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing, two decades of experience in martial arts has seen him develop a unique approach.

Believing that right program comes from experience, Predrag has trained with some of the world’s best coaches from many different backgrounds. Having competed as a fighter for many years in boxing, Thai Boxing and Kickboxing, Predrag developed the Prestige program from a combination of old-school training styles integrated with new methods and sports science.

Prestige is open to the general public. Members are introduced to combat sports and find out whether or not it’s for them. Our intention is that people can first, without pressure, get a feel for the sport of their choice, begin to understand it, and if they like it and want to take the next step, then they’ll have the opportunity to do so. This will happen through the correct program and guidance from an experienced coach who likewise has been guided through his career by skilled professionals, with the intention of reaching the highest possible level.

The Prestige method is built around the concept of strong foundations. We find that when a prospect starts off in the wrong way, it generally takes longer to guide them on a successful path. That’s why you will find a strong emphasis on the fundamentals at Prestige gym, a dedicated Melbourne boxing gym that specialises in Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.