Melbourne Kickboxing Gym

About kickboxing

Modern day kickboxing emerged during the second half of the 20th Century as a “catch all” term for competitive fighting. Using both upper and lower body striking techniques, the style developed out of boxing, karate, savate, Muay Thai and other variant forms. Enjoying much popularity in 1970s Japan, the sport rose to prominence with the emergence of American Kickboxing in the 1980s. Spreading through Europe and initially becoming popular through marital arts movies and the media, the style saw much success in the 1990s as a dominant element in early MMA tournaments.

Kickboxing demands a heightened degree of mobility in comparison to Muay Thai, typically employing a wider variety of kicking techniques, such as the axe kick or hook kick. Different organisations provide different rule sets; the popular K-1 style for example allows knee strikes. Kickboxing generally does not allow for sweeps and leg-catches, though this differs according to the sanctioning body.

A kickboxers journey at Prestige Gym

Kickboxers training at Prestige Melbourne Kickboxing Gym begin with the rudiments of boxing. From there they learn how to utilise kicking techniques and become proficient in the use of knees. Beginners will initially practice internal sparring before stepping up to interclub and amateur events. Those who develop their skills successfully will be given the opportunity to compete at the professional level.