Vision and Values

Discipline – Determination – Deliverance


Prestige Gym sets itself apart from most other gyms. It is not a fitness centre. Improving your fitness is just the start and will result from rigorous training and commitment.

Moreover, Prestige Gym is a dedicated training gym for anyone that seeks to attain the best within themselves via boxing, Muay Thai or kickboxing.


Prestige Gym is the place for you if you want to:

  • reach higher levels of personal achievement;
  • compete as an amateur or professional fighter;
  • to participate in combat sports without competing; or,
  • to compete as a mature aged fighter.


Prestige Gym will develop your fighting aspirations properly, as a key aim is to produce high calibre world class fighters.

We also want to help grow boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing. This ties into an important element of our philosophy: to provide a clearer understanding of combat sports’ role within society.

Unfortunately, combat sports at times can have a negative image due the unjustified use of violence or association with illegal activities. This is even the case with people in the industry.

However, at the core of all combat sports lies a positive ethos aimed at bringing out the highest human qualities in people. And prominently, combat sports are primarily competitive sports with a defined set of rules to be performed in the ring.


At Prestige Gym we promote this positive spirit of combat sports, which is underpinned by the following principles:

  1. Respect for the disciplines and other competitors
  2. Personal improvement and greater self-awareness
  3. Combat sports to be only used for self-defence out of the ring
  4. Psychological drive and fortitude
  5. Physical strength as a result, and in connection with, the above four principles.